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Dr. Jacobs Academy

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The Dr. Jacobs Academy is a pleasant and diligent space designed to help you develop and grow both intellectually and professionally. At the Academy we wish to share with you our experience in the fields of education and scientific research on the one hand, and our passion for languages, sports and music on the other. In the true spirit of science, we pursue the acquisition of knowledge both through learning and through research, while prioritizing quality over quantity.

Dr. Jacobs and Dr. Jacobs both received their doctoral degree from the internationally renowned Ludwig Maximilians Universität in Munich and have accumulated many years of professional experience at some of the world’s most renowned academic institutions. With dozens of publications and over 200 public speeches in foreign languages on a wide variety of linguistic topics, we hope to share with you our expertise and help you advance in your .

Our values


in education and science

Professionalism and experience

from some of the most prestigious universities in the
world, transmitted to you

Respect and sympathy

for each other and our environment

The highest standards

with attention to detail, quality and aesthetics



etos dydaktyków i naukowców


szacunek i sympatia

do drugiego człowieka


W czym się specjalizujemy?

Dr. Jacobs Academy oferuje cztery obszary usług związanych z nauką, badaniami naukowymi, i rozwojem osobistym


Junior Academy

Wszystko to, czego potrzebuje ambitna młodzież i jej rodzice


Sport & Language

Nauka sportu w towarzystwie języka obcego


Science & Bussines

Doradztwo i wsparcie w Państwa aktywności badawczej, około naukowej oraz biznesowej


Music & Language

Nauka gry na instrumencie w towarzystwie języka obcego